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2007/07/15 / arkcmp2bmp

I wondered how they got by with such a small frequency table until I noticed that the data is individual color components of 16-bit pixels, so there are at most 32 possible values. Combined with the delta encoding this actually achieves decent compression. 16-bit color is kindof sad though.

Some of the character images have what looks like associated alpha masks (*_a.cmp). It turns out the game does not even load them, and I suspect that they are corrupted junk. I tried unsuccessfully to convert the broken data ... I don't think it's possible, but if anybody has ideas let me know.

// arkcmp2bmp.cpp, v1.0 2007/07/14
// This tool converts Ark's *.cmp images to bitmaps.
Known to work with:

2003/03/28   Ark   u̎v

*.cmp (sig=none)

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