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2009/06/07 / d3dslide

I've been looking for a simple program to idle displaying images on my HTPC but nothing really did what I wanted. At least it was kindof fun learning Direct3D to write one myself.

This application displays an animated slideshow using a handful of effects smoothly animated using 3D hardware. The methods are optimized to always fill the screen (no black bars) and it tries to select methods appropriate to the aspect ratio of each image. In particular this does well against very tall images like magazine and stickposter scans.

A modern GPU with vertex shader 1.1 and pixel shader 2.0 is needed. More video RAM may allow you to use higher resolution textures. If you notice slight animation stutters sometimes during image transitions, try tweaking the MAX_TEXTURE_PIXELS values in d3dslide.ini. That can also be used to improve quality if you're feeling adventurous. :)

I haven't tested this on very much different hardware, so let me know how it goes. I am particularly interested in performance with very high resolution images (7000x3400 etc).

Updated 1.02
- Fixed a bug configuring the presentation method weights.
- Added a few new configuration options.
- Improved performance with large textures a little bit.
- Changed animation timing to be based on frames instead of real time; this makes it smoother particularly when dropping occasional frames.

Updated 1.03
- Fixed a bug with uppercase filenames.
- Added an option for recursive directory scanning.

Updated 1.1
- Stepped up to unicode character set.
- Added next/previous/pause controls.
- Added single-image repeat capability.

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