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2009/01/31 / decrbrads

I should have recognized more quickly that the encryption being used here is identical to decrkansa, but that seemed so unlikely that I ended up reversing it all over again. I guess some game makers have been cut&pasting crypto code.

This tool only decrypts the archives; use exbrdat to extract them.

Updated 1.01: Now supports [ԍÖ.

// decrbrads.cpp, v1.01 2010/01/29
// This tool decrypt's BLACKRAINBOW's encrypted *.ads archives.
// Use exbrdat to extract afterwards.
Known to work with:

2009/01/30   BLACKRAINBOW   uVY2v
2010/01/29   BLACKRAINBOW   u[ԍÖv

*.ads (sig=none)

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