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2011/10/30 / decrddns2

I wish they'd at least use MD5 properly... Well, whatever. Use exns2 to extract after decrypting.

Updated 1.01: now supports 姦獄島.
Updated 1.02: now supports 烙印姫ルーンドプリンセス.
Updated 1.03: now supports 触装天使セリカ2.
Updated 1.04: now supports √ハーレム! Root Harem!.

// decrddns2.cpp, v1.04 2013/12/26
// This tool decrypts various *.ns2 archives; use exns2 to extract them
// afterwards.
Known to work with:

2011/10/25   Liquid-Shine   「姦獄島」
2011/10/28   TOUCHABLE   「妄想具現化AVG デイドリーム・ビリーバー」
2012/03/23   Liquid-Touchable   「烙印姫ルーンドプリンセス」
2012/08/31   TOUCHABLE   「触装天使セリカ2」
2013/12/20   CreamPie   「√ハーレム! Root Harem!」

*.ns2 (sig=none)

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