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2007/04/20 / exarc4

These guys use some exotic compression algorithms, particularly the fcb1 compression. Looks like some sort of insane pixel-delta algorithm.

Updated: Added support for deflate method in fcb1 images (on top of their original insane algorithm). Finally I get some more use out of this code, and it's for another mahjong game?!

// exarc4.cpp, v1.0 2007/03/11
// This tool extracts data from F&C's ARC4 (*.BIN) archives.

// fcb2bmp.cpp, v1.1 2008/07/28
// This tool decompresses F&C's fcb1 (*.fcb) graphics.
Known to work with:

2007/02/23   カクテルソフト   「ぴあ雀」
2008/07/25   TYRELL LAB.   「EVE雀」
2009/03/27   キャラメルBOX   「ボクの手の中の楽園」
2009/08/28   COMET   「&LOVE」
2010/05/28   キャラメルBOXいちご味   「廻り巡ればめぐるときっ!?」
2010/06/30   キャラメルBOX   「処女はお姉さまに恋してる 2人のエルダー」
2011/06/24   キャラメルBOXイチゴ味   「雨芳恋歌 センセイ。わたし、もうオトナだよ」

*.bin; *.fcb (sig=ARC4; fcb1)
*.データ; *.fcb (sig=ARC4; fcb1)

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