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2008/07/27 / exbsa

An old tool for this format wasn't working very well, so I finally got around to writing something myself. For some reason I thought it was a lot more complicated than this ...

I'm not sure if this will work for older games.

Updated 1.1: Now supports Šw‰€3`‰Ø—í‚È‚é‰xJ`.
Updated: Added merge_sm to merge the delta images in ŽOŽË–Ê’k. Not sure if it works with older games; let me know.
Updated: Made merge_sm more flexible searching for parts. Now supports — ‹³Žt.
Updated 1.2: Now supports ŠÙ`Š¯”\Šï杁`.
Updated 1.2.1: Fixed a bug.

// exbsa, v1.2.1 2014/02/26
// This tool extracts data from newer BSS-Arc (*.bsa) archives.

// merge_sm.cpp, v1.02 2011/08/06
// This tool merges delta images from ŽOŽË–Ê’k `˜A½‚·‚é’pJE’²‹³‚ÌŠw‰€`.
Known to work with:

2008/07/25   BISHOP   u–ˆ“ú‚¯‚¾‚à‚Ì‚ÁII ‚ç‚Ô‚¦‚끙‚à‚à‚¢‚끙‚·‚­[‚é‚ç‚¢‚Ӂôv
2008/10/24   BLUE GALE   u‹S•ƒv
2009/02/27   BISHOP   u–žˆú“dŽÔ2v
2009/08/07   BISHOP   u‹³ˆçŽw“±v
2010/02/26   BISHOP   u‚¨‚Á‚Ï‚¢ƒn[ƒg`”ޏ—‚̓Pƒ_ƒ‚ƒm”­îŠúƒbIH`v
2010/08/27   BISHOP   uŠw‰€3`‰Ø—í‚È‚é‰xJ`v
2011/02/25   BISHOP   uŽOŽË–Ê’k`˜A½‚·‚é’pJE’²‹³‚ÌŠw‰€`v
2011/08/05   BISHOP   u— ‹³Žt`”w“¿‚̈ú‰xŽö‹Æ`v
2012/03/23   BISHOP   u‚µ‚肱‚ñ™‚Ü‚¶‚Á‚­ `¶‚Ü‚ê‚é‘O‚©‚ç‚ ‚È‚½ê—pHI`v
2012/09/28   BISHOP   u“Á•ÊŽö‹Æ3SLGv
2013/04/26   BISHOP   u–Ä‹³Žt3 `ˆú‰x‚ÌŠwŽÉ`v
2013/10/25   BISHOP Royal   uŠÙ`Š¯”\Šï杁`v
2014/01/31   BISHOP   u–žˆú“dŽÔ2v

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