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2013/10/22 / exbszdat

Now with Unity, lazy game makers can create bloated messes like never before!
The future is now.

Note that merge_spm2 will search for SPM by signature, so you can run it against resources.assets or the subresource containing them. (UAE names it resources_24668.-6, but that seems like a bug...)

// exbszdat.cpp, v1.0 2013/10/22
// This tool extracts GX4Lib (*.dat) archives used by バルドスカイ ゼロ.

// mergebszvis.cpp, v1.0 2013/10/22
// This tool merges the event images from バルドスカイ ゼロ.

// merge_spm2.cpp, v1.0 2013//10/22
// This tool merges images specified by serialized SPM VER-2.00 objects
// in バルドスカイ ゼロ.
Known to work with:

2013/09/27   戯画   「バルドスカイ ゼロ」

*.dat (sig=GX4Lib)

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