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2012/06/09 / excrxb

This works with various older CIRCUS games, but does not support one of the funky color formats.

Updated: added excircuspck. excrxb now handles an oddity (data bug?) in EV_SRR19_05.pck.

Updated: fixed handling of some char images.

// excrxb.cpp, v1.02 2012/06/16
// This tool extracts CRXB (*.crm) archives.

// crx2bmp.cpp, v1.05 2012/06/16
// This tool converts CIRCUS' CRXG (*.crx) graphics to bitmaps.

// excircuspck.cpp, v1.0 2012/06/10
// This tool extracts *.pck archives used by D.C.III and others.
Known to work with:

2012/04/27   CIRCUS   「D.C.III〜ダ・カーポIII〜」
2012/06/29   La’cryma   「fortissimo EXS//Akkord:nachsten Phase」

*.crm, *.pck, *.crx; *.crx (sig=CRXB, none, CRXG; CRXG, CRXD, CRXJ)

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