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2008/06/04 / exef2paz

I get the feeling minori really doesn't like their data to be messed with. Usually I let somebody else deal with this but since I was a little bored tonight...

One of the things they're using is blowfish again, but I didn't feel like finding the key generation this time. Maybe later I'll clean it up using a real implementation of the algorithm.

Updated 1.11: now uses a real blowfish implementation instead of my partial one.
Updated 1.2: now supports eden*.
Updated 1.21: fixed a bug.
Updated 1.22: now supports extracting movies. (SHA1: fbfa82df6ebecf0256cf82f67bea75259ddd7dd3)

Due to pestering from the crybabies at Minori, I do not distribute this file; please do not ask me for it. You may be able to find it distributed by other people in various places. I discussed with Minori at length that removing the file here only harms legitimate owners of their software. It is disappointing that Minori does not value the enjoyment of their own customers.

Updated: several people have emailed telling me that a modified version by 改造8pvc09vr11 supports 天使の日曜日.
Updated: supposedly another modified version by 改造8pvc09vr11 supports すぴぱら STORY #01.
Updated: rumor says a modified version by 改造8pvc09vr11 supports 夏空のペルセウス.
Updated: apparently a modified version by 改造8pvc09vr11 supports 12の月のイヴ.

This was not created by me and I have not tried it myself so please don't ask me about this modification. このバージョンは私が作ったものではないので、私に質問をしないでください。

(ゲーム改造ツール) [140202] [140131][12の月のイヴ].zip 改造8pvc09vr11 114,545 0bd8979b74460459523fa15b83de8e281f0df262

// exef2paz, v1.22 2009/09/21
// This tool extracts encrypted data from *.paz archives used by minori.

// ani2bmp.cpp, v1.01 2009/09/20
// This tool converts minori's *.ani parts to bitmaps.
Known to work with:

2008/05/30   minori   「ef - the latter tale.」
2009/09/18   minori   「eden*」
2009/09/18   minori   「eden* PLUS + MOSAIC」
2010/09/17   minori   「天使の日曜日 “ef - a fairy tale of the two.” Pleasurable Box.」
2012/05/18   minori   「すぴぱら STORY #01 - Spring Has Come!」
2012/12/21   minori   「夏空のペルセウス」
2014/01/31   minori   「12の月のイヴ」

*.paz (sig=none)

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