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2006/11/18 / exfutapak

There are tools to extract variations of this format, but didn't seem to be anything that worked with the graphics from oqP~3. Sooo .. here we go.

// exfutapak.cpp, v1.0 2006/11/17
// This tool extracts obfuscated CGPACK.idx/pak archives from oqP~3.
// Use futagr2bmp to convert the graphics to bitmaps.

// futagr2bmp, v1.0 2006/11/17
// This tool decompresses obfuscated GR (*.gr) graphics from oqP~3.
Known to work with:

2005/02/25   SQUEEZ   uoqP~3v

CGPACK.idx CGPACK.pak; *.gr (sig=none; none)

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