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2006/11/11 / exgce3

The original version of this tool didn't support compressed data ... now it does. The GCE1 compression scheme is somewhat interesting; it doesn't include explicit backreferences, but instead uses the most recent bytes as a key.

Updated: Now supports GCE1 compressed data. I think I may have broken support for old games, so I'll leave the original version until I can check.

// exgce3.cpp, v1.1 2007/11/09
// This tool extracts data from GCEX/GCE3 archives.
Known to work with:

2005/01/28   でこポン!   「昼は別の顔」
2006/07/28   ジェネックス   「プリンセスメーカー4」
2007/11/09   RusK   「Aster」
2011/05/24   YOU!YOU!YOU!&いつものところ   「汝、残念な隣人を愛せ」

*.pak; *.argb (sig=GCEX/GCE3; BGRA)
data; *.argb (sig=GCEX/GCE3; BGRA)
gd; *.argb (sig=GCEX/GCE3; BGRA)

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