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2007/05/26 / exgsp4

Another tool I wrote a while back. I'm surprised not to see others floating around these days, but maybe I just didn't look hard enough.

The signature on these archives likes to vary a lot, but the structure doesn't seem to change.

// exgsp4, v1.0 2007/05/26
// This tool extracts graphics from GsPack4, DataPack5, etc (*.pak) archives.
Known to work with:

2004/05/28   ROOT   「鈴菜日記」
2004/08/13   CLOVER   「ぷにぷに☆はんどメイド」
2005/12/16   CLOVER   「きると」
2005/12/30   Autobahn   「デミパラドキシア∽フッカスティック 南下編」
2006/03/15   Autobahn   「デミパラドキシア∽フッカスティック 北上編」
2007/05/25   ROOT   「桃華月憚」
2007/12/29   Autobahn   「SAMEN TOILET ANGELS 〜ナマイキ女子高生は精○便所編〜」
2010/07/23   ROOT   「PARA-SOL」

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