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2007/03/04 / exhd6

Here's a set of tools to unpack and repack the archives used by Rogue Galaxy. The format is trivial, only complicated by their annoying efforts to pack the TOC into less bits (why bother?).

There are a few SJIS filenames. Western users will need to set the locale to Japanese to accommodate.

Update: I added support to merge duplicate files with pkhd6. This is useful if you're tricky with the ISO TOC.

// exhd6.cpp, v1.0 2007/03/03
// This tool extracts data from HD6 (*.HD6+*.DAT) archives used by
// Level 5's Rogue Galaxy (PS2).

// pkhd6.cpp, v1.01 2007/03/04
// This tool repacks data into HD6 (*.HD6+*.DAT) archives used by Level 5's
// Rogue Galaxy (PS2).  Supports merging data with duplicate elimination
// (psychospacefish's idea).
Known to work with:

2005/12/08   Level 5   uRogue Galaxy JP (PS2)v
2007/01/30   Level 5   uRogue Galaxy US Director's Cut (PS2)v

*.HD6; *.DAT (sig=HD6)

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