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2009/06/27 / exkizpak

Only supports the new versions; I don't care about ancient games.

Updated 1.01: Now supports WHITE ALBUM 2〜introductory chapter〜. Use exlac for the sound archives.
Updated 1.02: Now fixes broken TGA headers.

// exkizpak.cpp, v1.01 2011/12/22
// Extracts KCAP (*.PAK) archives used by 痕−きずあと−.
Known to work with:

2009/06/26   Leaf   「痕−きずあと−」
2010/03/26   Leaf   「WHITE ALBUM 2〜introductory chapter〜」
2011/01/28   Leaf   「星の王子くん」
2011/12/22   Leaf   「WHITE ALBUM2〜closing chapter〜」

*.pak; *.bjr (sig=KCAP; BM)

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