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2009/02/07 / exkleinpak

Some really old tools don't work well in Windows 2003 anymore, so it's easier for me to just rewrite them...

// exkleinpak.cpp, v1.0 2009/02/07
// This tool extracts PACK (*.pak) archives used by KLEIN.
Known to work with:

2004/05/28   Klein   「ぴゅあぴゅあ」
2006/12/22   Le.chocolat×KLEIN   「萌・エ・ロ鬼ィちゃん」
2008/11/21   KLEIN   「カラフル!!〜colorfull!!〜」
2009/01/30   KLEIN   「あきまほ!」

cg.pak (sig=PACK)

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