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2011/04/23 / exl6ren

All the different animation and delta formats are really annoying.

// exl5enj.cpp, v1.2 2011/04/23
// This tool extracts data from LINK5, LINK6 (*.arc) archives used by Atelier
// Kaguya's 艶女医 and others.  Animations can be extracted raw or as frames.
Known to work with:

2011/04/22   アトリエかぐやHonky-Tonk Pumpkin   「いじらレンタル〜エロあまおねえさんに貸し出されちゃった!!〜」
2012/06/29   アトリエかぐやHonky-Tonk Pumpkin   「エロティ課 誘惑研修はじまるよ〜しごいちゃうから覚悟なさい!」
2014/01/31   アトリエかぐやBARE&BUNNY   「ばくあね〜弟しぼっちゃうぞ!〜」

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