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2008/12/27 / exlac

It seems like I've seen extractors for these archives before but it was easier to rewrite than find an old tool.

DDS Converter has problems with most of the graphics, so I suggest using XnView to convert instead. I hope ugly 3D junk like this doesn't become common...

Updated 1.01: exlac now handles 8-bit images properly.

// exlac.cpp, v1.01 2009/12/20
// Extracts LAC (*.PAK) archives used by Leaf.

// extexpack.cpp, v1.0 2008/12/27
// Extracts TEX PACK0.02 (*.TEX) archives used by Leaf.
Known to work with:

2008/12/26   Leaf   「君が呼ぶ、メギドの丘で」
2010/03/26   Leaf   「WHITE ALBUM 2〜introductory chapter〜」

*.pak, *.tex; *.lgf (sig=LAC, TEX PACK0.02; lgf)

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