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2011/09/27 / exm2lib

This system uses a variety of convoluted data structures and serialization methods. I'm not sure why, since the basic data access and layers of function calls surely make this much less efficient than simpler formats...

I have to admit, though, I've never seen anybody encode blocks within an image in different pixel formats.

Updated 1.01: fixed a bug extracting scenario_info.psb.m.
Updated 1.02: fixed a bug extracting config_info.psb.m.
Updated 1.1: Now supports Infinite Stratos (PS3).

// exm2lib.cpp, v1.1 2014/03/10
// This tool extracts mxb (*_info.psb.m + *_body.bin) archives.
Known to work with:

2011/09/15   5pb.   「DUNAMIS15 (XBOX360)」
2014/02/27   5pb.   「IS〈インフィニット・ストラトス〉2 イグニッション・ハーツ (PS3)」

*.psb.m (sig=mxb, PSB)

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