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2007/07/26 / exmpk

The MGR compression looks rather RLE-like, but doesn't actually encode data repetition. I think that would have improved the efficiency, since as a plain LZ77 variation it isn't very effective.

// exmpk.cpp, v1.0 2007/07/25
// This tool extracts propeller's *.mpk archives.  Single and multi-frame *.mgr
// images are decompressed.
Known to work with:

2007/07/27   propeller   「Bullet Butlers」
2008/05/23   propeller   「クロノベルト〜あやかしびと&Bullet Butlers クロスオーバーディスク〜」
2009/07/24   propeller   「きっと、澄みわたる朝色よりも」
2010/05/28   propeller   「エヴォリミット」
2011/06/24   propeller   「すきま桜とうその都会」
2011/07/29   MEPHISTO   「天使の羽根を踏まないでっ」
2012/08/31   propeller   「東京バベル」

*.mpk; *.mgr (sig=none; none)

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