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2007/07/27 / exnpa

I should really add a parameter and get rid of all these executables... maybe next time.

Updated 1.2: Now supports Lamento. Also fixed a memory leak.
Updated 1.21: Now supports SUMAGA and Sweet Pool.
Updated 1.22: Previous version had a typo breaking Sweet Pool.
Updated 1.23: Now supports CHAOS;HEAD NOAH.

I was surprised they didn't invent any new obfuscation for C;HN ... it even has a lot less than usual. And here I was looking forward to a challenge on the 360. :)

Updated 1.24: Now supports 装甲悪鬼村正.
Updated 1.25: Now supports 装甲悪鬼村正 邪念編.
Updated 1.26: Now supports アザナエル.
Updated 1.28: Now supports 鬼哭街.
Updated 1.29: Now supports ソニコミ.
Updated 1.30: Now supports DRAMAtical Murder. (Now stop pestering me, jeez! :)
Updated 1.31: Now supports Guilty Crown Lost Xmas. (It must suck to be making a game when somebody else already ran the franchise into the ground...)
Updated 1.32: Now supports DRAMAtical Murder re:connect. (Pestering pays off...)

// exnpa.cpp, v1.32 2013/06/03
// This tool extracts Nitro+'s *.npa archives.
Known to work with:

2006/10/27   Nitro+CHiRAL   「Lamento -BEYOND THE VOID-」
2007/07/27   ニトロプラス   「続・殺戮のジャンゴ ─地獄の賞金首─」
2008/04/25   ニトロプラス   「CHAOS;HEAD」
2008/09/26   ニトロプラス   「スマガ」
2008/12/19   Nitro+CHiRAL   「sweet pool」
2009/02/26   ニトロプラス   「CHAOS;HEAD NOAH (XBOX360)」
2009/10/30   ニトロプラス   「装甲悪鬼村正」
2010/08/13   ニトロプラス   「装甲悪鬼村正 邪念編」
2010/12/17   ニトロプラス   「アザナエル」
2011/05/27   ニトロプラス   「鬼哭街」
2011/11/25   ニトロプラス   「ソニコミ」
2012/03/23   Nitro+CHiRAL   「DRAMAtical Murder」
2012/07/26   ニトロプラス   「ギルティクラウン ロストクリスマス」
2013/04/26   Nitro+CHiRAL   「DRAMAtical Murder re:connect」
2013/06/28   ニトロプラス   「君と彼女と彼女の恋。」

*.npa (sig=NPA)

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