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2009/08/04 / expcf

Apparently somebody is a fan of exotic algorithms. This format uses multiple block ciphers (AES, RC6, etc) and a tweaked implementation of SHA-256 for encryption. For data compression, it's using fancy Move-To-Front and Burrows-Wheeler transformations followed by custom RLE/LZ77 or Range Encoding. Finally, some images are compressed with a custom block algorithm that seems similar to JPEG without the DCTs.

Updated 1.01: Now supports Tiara予約特典 りゃぼディスク.
Updated 1.02: Now handles multi-block compression (fixes voice.pcf).
Updated 1.03: Now supports Fortuna Rhapsody.

// expcf.cpp, v1.04 2012/05/31
// This tool extracts data from encrypted PackCode (*.pcf) archives.
Known to work with:

2009/07/31   Symphony   「Tiara」
2009/07/31   Symphony   「Tiara予約特典 りゃぼディスク」
2012/05/25   Symphony   「Fortuna Rhapsody」

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