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2010/01/31 / exrlarc

Maybe somebody felt things were too obvious last time, since they switched to using an ISAAC PRNG. Try harder guys. :)

Updated: now supports TYP2 images found in the ルーンロオド 1.01 update.
Updated 1.2: now supports げきたま.

// exscharc.cpp, v1.2 2010/07/24
// This tool extracts data from ARC archives used by Trample on Schatten!!
// and other games.  Compile with -DRUNELORD for Rune Lord variation.

// cpb2bmp_rl.cpp, v1.1 2010/02/04
// This tool converts TYP1 and TYP2 (*.cpb) images used by Rune Lord.
Known to work with:

2010/01/29   CLOCKUP team DYO   「ルーンロオド」
2010/07/23   Cassiopeia   「げきたま!〜青陵学園演劇部〜」
2010/08/13   Cassiopeia   「ゲキ+」

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