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2010/05/03 / exsec

I figured out what the other unknown compression is but I don't feel like initializing the D3D9 device stuff right now ... I'll fix it later, the data seems unexciting.

Update 1.1: now supports アガレスト戦記ZERO.
Update 1.2: now supports various composites in アガレスト戦記2.

// exsec.cpp, v1.2 2010/11/24
// This tool extracts secB (*.sec) archives.
Known to work with:

2008/11/27   Compile Heart   「Record of Agarest War アガレスト戦記 リアピアランス (XBOX360)」
2009/10/01   Compile Heart   「X-edge Dash クロスエッジダッシュ (XBOX360)」
2010/07/29   Compile Heart   「Record of Agarest War アガレスト戦記ZERO Dawn of War (XBOX360)」
2010/11/18   Compile Heart   「Record of Agarest War 2 アガレスト戦記2 (PS3)」

*.sec; *.tid (sig=secB; TID)

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