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2006/11/11 / exska

When I saw the junk in the DTL images I automatically assumed it was some kind of RLE compressed alpha data ... I spent a while wondering how the hell it was encoded before finally noticing the pixel data is 32-bit ... :)

// exska.cpp, v1.0 2006/11/10
// This tool extracts and decompresses data from IPF2 (*.SKA) archives.

// dtl2bmp.cpp, v1.0 2006/11/11
// This tool converts DTL images to bitmaps.  The format is simple except for
// some strange junk that sometimes precedes the pixel data.  I have no idea
// what that data is, so this tool discards it ...
Known to work with:

2006/03/10   霜楓   「陽だまりのはな」

*.ska; *.ls8b (sig=IPF2; DTL)

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