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2010/10/14 / extapak

After just seeing the fancy MotionPortrait stuff in another game, it's especially pathetic to see this one storing character graphics pre-composed with the backgrounds... Hello? Alpha-blending? It's 2010 now people.

// extapak.cpp, v1.0 2010/10/14
// This tool extracts *.pak archives used by ’q‘γƒAƒtƒ^[ `It's a Wonderful Life` (XBOX360).
Known to work with:

2010/09/22   ƒvƒƒgƒ^ƒCƒv^Key   u’q‘γƒAƒtƒ^[ `It's a Wonderful Life` (XBOX360)v

*.pak (sig=none)

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