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2008/03/05 / extcd3

This features a very strange compression algorithm. I'm not familiar with the theory behind it at all ... I wonder if anybody knows the name of it? I suspect it's using a table-based huffman code.

Updated: extcd now guesses file extension for generic file types.
Updated: spdc2bmp now supports type 1 compression.
Updated: Fixed an alignment bug in spdc2bmp for some images.
Updated: Now supports アトリの空と真鍮の月.
Updated: Now supports ななプリ.
Updated: Now supports ふぇいばりっと Sweet!.

// extcd3.cpp, v1.04 2010/08/27
// This tool extracts data from TCD3 (*.tcd) archives.

// spdc2bmp.cpp, v1.04 2010/08/01
// This tool converts SPDC images to bitmaps.
Known to work with:

2008/02/29   CIRCUS   「D.C.P.K. 〜ダ・カーポーカー〜」
2008/12/12   STUDIO邪恋   「操心術3」
2009/06/26   Lost Script   「蠅声の王 シナリオU」
2009/10/30   TOPCAT   「果てしなく青い、この空の下で…。 完全版」
2009/11/27   TOPCAT   「アトリの空と真鍮の月」
2010/07/30   TOPCAT   「ななプリ。」
2010/08/27   Lost Script   「ふぇいばりっと Sweet!」
2011/04/28   TOPCAT   「手毬花」

*.TCD; * (sig=TCD3; SPDC)

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