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2010/09/28 / exyatpkg

I couldn't find the fragment offsets at first, so I actually converted the SLDT to something I could visualize and see if it described the offsets... That turned out to be a waste of time and I eventually found the offsets somewhere much more obvious. :P

Anyway, you can use to parse the scripts (*.evt) and generate various combinations. Where the scripts contains variables, it generates all possible combinations; pick the ones you like and delete the rest. And don't ask me about this, I didn't really care enough to waste as much time as I already have.

Update: added for ŒΓF–ΐ‹{—Φ•‘‹Θ.
Update: now supports ―Κ‚ΜƒŒƒ]ƒiƒ“ƒX.

// exyatpkg2.cpp, v1.0 2013/02/22
// This tool extracts *.pkg archives used by ―Κ‚ΜƒŒƒ]ƒiƒ“ƒX.

// exyatpkg.cpp, v1.0 2010/09/28
// This tool extracts *.pkg archives used by Yatagarasu.

#, v1.0 2010/09/28
# This tool merges event images used by Yatagarasu in ObsceneGuild.
# Extract images and scripts into the directory where you run this.

#, v1.0 2012/08/20
# This tool merges event images used by Yatagarasu in ŒΓF–ΐ‹{—Φ•‘‹Θ.
Known to work with:

2010/09/24   Yatagarasu   uObsceneGuild -•Π—ƒ‚Μ‘Β“VŽg-v
2011/05/27   Yatagarasu   uˆΕ–ι‚Ι—x‚κ|Witch wishes to commit the night|v
2011/11/25   Yatagarasu   uƒeƒ“ƒ^ƒNƒ‹ƒ[ƒh -‰δ‚ͺŽθ‚Ι‘Β‚Ώ‚ζ—E‘s‚Ȃ鉳—-v
2012/07/27   Yatagarasu   uŒΓF–ΐ‹{—Φ•‘‹Θ`HISTOIRE DE DESTIN`v
2013/02/22   Yatagarasu   u―Κ‚ΜƒŒƒ]ƒiƒ“ƒXv

*.pkg (sig=none)

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