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2007/01/07 / nimg2bmp

Some *.img are just renamed PNG, but others are headerless 24-bit data. I wrote two tools for this -- sigren is separate since it seems useful for other situations.

// nimg2bmp.cpp, v1.0 2007/01/06
// This tool converts Lۓ's *.img graphics to bitmaps.
// All the examples I've seen are either PNG (use sigren) or 640x480x24 images
// compatible with this tool.

// sigren.cpp, v1.0 2007/01/06
// This tool renames files to the correct extension based on their signature.
// Supports PNG, JPEG, Windows/OS2 bitmaps, GIF, Photoshop images, and OGG
// audio.
Known to work with:

2006/12/31   Lۓ   u׃mLNv

*.img (sig=none, PNG)

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