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2013/09/25 / spc2bmp

I wrote this a long time ago but never figured out what color format type 2 is.
At least for Phantom of Inferno that's mostly worthless data anyway.

// spc2bmp.cpp, v1.0 2011/05/01
// This tool converts *.spc / xtx images to bitmaps.

// exafs.cpp, v1.0 2007/01/18
// This tool extracts files from CRI's AFS (*.AFS) archives.
Known to work with:

2012/06/14   イエティ   「ルートダブル Before Crime After Days (XBOX360)」
2012/10/25   ニトロプラス   「Phantom PHANTOM OF INFERNO (XBOX360)」
2013/08/30   ニトロプラス   「Phantom PHANTOM OF INFERNO」

*.afs; *.spc (sig=AFS; xtx)

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