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2012/12/29 / toxtweak

The giant minimap in Tales of Xillia drives me crazy; I can't stop staring at it all the time. So finally I had to do something about it ...

This bit of junk patches the game to disable various overlays.

disable_minimap.txt: Disable the annoying minimap!
disable_chapter_label.txt: Disable the annoying Main Chapter / Character Episode label.
disable_bonus_label.txt: Disable the annoying Bonus Scene label during event scenes.
disable_all.txt: All of the above.
enable_all.txt: Enables everything (back to default).

If the game is already installed, remember to delete the install data on the PS3.

Updated: this is a command line tool, but I added a couple batch files that can be run directly from the game folder (BLJS10120, BLES01815 etc).

Updated 1.01: now it actually works with the US/EU version (oops).

// toxtweak.cpp, v1.01 2013/09/08
// This tool tweaks data in Tales of Xillia & Tales of Xillia 2 to disable
// the annoying minimap and other overlays.
Known to work with:

2012/11/01   Namco Bandai Games   uTales of Xillia 2 (PS3)v


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